Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tool 4: Cool Google Tools

I think that Google Docs are great for those documents that multiple people need to edit. Instead of having to save and email multiple copies of documents to your team you can edit them and save them in one place. However there are some files that are not as easy to share and edit with Google Docs such as excel files with many formulas in them. Still this is a great way for teachers and students to share ideas with each other.

I did also like that I could subscribe to a blog and it was much easier to read them because they were all in one place.

Four down, seven to go!


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  1. Okay, wait. Did you make a form? If you like I can show you how to use paint to put a copy of it in your blog. The reason I ask is because I think forms in Goggle Docs could be VERY useful for you in your job.