Monday, September 10, 2012

Tool 2: Building Community & Comments

1. What are your thoughts about building an online education community and participating in a PLN?
I think that this is a great idea, we are seeing more and more that our students are different then the students that we were. We are also seeing that they are changing more and more each year. They are tech babies and they are good at it. You see babies and toddlers that know how to work iPods and iPhones. So I think that an online community and a PLN are a great way to reach these new digital age learners.

2. What point stood out to you from the commenting advice?
I liked the comment on Cool Cat Teacher's blog about writing meaningful comments and to stay away from yeah or awesome. That struck me because I have always considered that a nice way to give feedback, but the author of that blog has a good point that the blogger is looking for meaning insight or opinions about what they have posted in their blogs.

3. What five blogs did you select for your comments?
Erin's Blog
Thornwood Music
Polar Bear
Meagan Hudek

2 tools down only 9 to go!


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