Saturday, October 27, 2012

After 11 Tools: Reflections

I will be honest this is something that I kept putting off, for one of two reasons. 1) I kept forgetting that I had to do it and 2) I had so many other things pop up here and there that it just kept getting pushed to the back burner. I will say that I am glad to be done with it, it is one less thing on my To Do List and it feels great to have it done. I am also glad that I did it because it did force me to explore what resources are out there. Some of them I was surprised by and others I have had some experience with. I enjoyed learning about these 11 tools and filling up my toolbox.  Now I am off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!

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Tool 11: Digital Citizenship

I think that Digital Citizenship is VERY important and I feel that it is something that is often overlooked.  We make the mistake of assuming that since our students know about and handle so much technology that they understand how to be safe and courteous on the internet. Just like the expectations for behavior that we have to set in our classrooms we must also set those for what they put out in the digital world. We must also teach them how to protect themselves and what information they should never post on the web. I would like my students to know how to explore the internet, how to determine the quality of what they find, and how to ensure their safety.

Eleven down, zero to go!


Tool 10: Exploring Mobile Technology And Apps

My focus has always been on multiplication so I went exploring for free apps that would help my students strengthen those skills. I have found a few.

Times Table Quiz
Math Ninja HD
Awesome Flash Card
Multiplication for Kids

I like the idea of the games on the iPods and iPads, the students do not realize that they are learning they just think that they are getting to play.  This does always bring up the need for clear expectation of behavior and what app they should be working in when they have the technology in hand.

Ten down, one to go!


Tool 9: Sharing Information Through Jing & Skype

I had never heard of Jing before but I do have lots of experience with Skype. I think that a screencast is great because it allows others to see what it is that you are working on, on your computer. Often times it is much easier to show someone what to click on then it is to try and describe it to them and describe it's location on the screen. I love the idea that you can talk about it and see it with out being in the same room.

Skype is a great communication took because there are so many parts to it. I love the chat feature and the video chat feature. I also love that it brings people together that are literally a world apart.

Nine down, two to go.


Tool 8: Video Resources

I love Teacher Tube I have been on it several times in the past. You Tube  is also a great place to get videos, of course there is a lot more on this site and not all of it is educational, but it is a start. These sites are great ways for teachers to share their work and to explore other teacher created videos. I love that this takes the old teacher motto of "Beg, Borrow, and Steal" to a whole new place. Since it is a public site your "colleague" pool just get so much bigger. With that being said we must also spend a bit more time weeding through the good and the bad. But all in all it is a wonderful resource for us.

In the following post you will see the videos that I selected.

The first one is on skip counting by 6 and the second is about skip counting be 7.  Students generally have a hard time learning and internalizing these so I found a cute video to introduce them.

Eight down, three to go.


Counting By Sevens Song

Counting By Sixes Song

Tool 7: Digital Storytelling

This has got to be my favorite tool thus far. I have only had limited experience with making videos on the computer and I am sure when you play my video you will see that it is very basic.  But I really enjoyed this project and I think that it is a great hook for lessons.  The video I made would be perfect for starting a new school or a new intervention group. I even took some of the images that I upload in previous posts and tied them into my theme. I think it has the potential to be a great way to introduce myself to the students. I also see this being a creative way for students to present their work, I mean how many times have we seen what power point can do, right.

LOVED this tool.

Enjoy the Video. 


Seven down, four to go!!


Tool 6: Wikis

From what I have been able to learn and discover about the Wikis it seems like a WONDERFUL way for teachers and students to work collaboratively. I can see teachers creating lesson plans and projects without having to be in the same room. I also think that this would be a great tool for students to work together on projects without being in the same class, same school, or even the same state. I think it is also great because it gives teachers that accountability piece because teachers will be able to see who has logged in, when they did it, and what they have contribited to the wiki.

I had never heard of a Wiki before now, I think it is definitely a cool tool to have in my toolbox.

Six down,  five to go!